Use Microsoft Office online for free!

This isn’t new information, by any stretch…MS has been offering free use of their Office applications online for a while now.  But I keep getting inquiries about where it is and how to use it, so here’s some info for you if you’re interested…

First of all, you can just go to the Microsoft Office website and access all the applications there.  There’s a list of all the applications across the middle of that page, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.  You’ll need a login, which you can get for free, and then you’re good to go.

It can be made a bit easier if you like with a browser plug-in – Microsoft makes an official Office Online plug-in for Google Chrome, which you can get here.  There’s a similar plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, actually done by a 3rd party (and which also can be used to access Google Apps online) that you can get here.

Naturally, there are other free options, including the mentioned Google Apps (now referred to as G Suite), and various offerings based on OpenOffice, like LibreOffice.  But if you’re familiar with MS Office, the free online versions of those applications are probably a good bet – technically they’re not as full-featured as the paid-for versions, but chances are if you’re a typical user you won’t miss what isn’t there.

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