Warranty Information

Northrup Systems provides a comprehensive parts & labor warranty on every machine we build. Construction quality is covered for as long as the original owner owns the machine – we will repair any problems caused by incorrect assembly of the system for free for as long as you own your PC or server. Other than the components listed below, all parts of the system are warranted for a period of 1 year from the date we shipped your machine to you, the original owner. If any part of your machine should become defective within 1 year of the shipping date, we will replace that component for free, and there will be no labor charge. CPUs and RAM are warranted for a period of 3 years from the shipping date – these crucial components of your system are fully covered for any defect that may occur within that 3-year period. The customer’s total liability for any repairs during the warranty period is for shipping costs only.

If your machine is damaged during shipping, you should immediately notify the carrier (such as UPS or FedEx) and file a claim with them, and then contact us to let us know. Shipping damage is very rare, but Northrup Systems machines are always shipped with insurance to cover the cost of any unfortunate shipping incidents. Generally speaking, the carrier will come to your house/business to inspect the damage, and then issue an approval for your insurance request – at that point the carrier will send the machine back to us, and we will repair your machine to brand-new condition, at no cost to you and with no change in your warranty.

Note also that we can provide loaner machines to our customers – if your Northrup Systems computer needs repair or upgrades, we can set you up with a loaner machine to use while your computer is “in the shop.”  This service is free of charge to our customers, aside from any shipping cost if necessary.

Northrup Systems is not liable for any damage caused by rough handling, accidental damage (such as spilling a drink on your computer), incorrect installation or setup procedures, or any upgrades/repairs/etc. performed by the owner or a 3rd party. Damage caused by any mistreatment or negligence is not covered under warranty. Damage caused by environmental problems, such as dust and pet hair buildup inside the machine, is not covered under warranty – we strongly recommend you periodically check your machine for dust and hair buildup (and other issues stemming from the environment in which you use your machine) and clean it as necessary. Canned air, such as can be bought in many retail outlets, is recommended for careful cleaning of dust & hair deposits from the internal and external components of your system. Machines with side windows can be easily visually checked for contamination…machines without windows would need to have the left sidepanel (as viewing the PC from the front, or the top panel for rackmount servers) removed for inspection. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all machines will be perfectly free of superficial scratches or dents – particularly modded computers (PCs with windows, neon lights, etc.). We take great pride in our craftsmanship, and will not sell a machine that displays significant surface imperfections, but it is virtually impossible to ensure that no imperfections whatsoever will exist. Northrup Systems’ total liability is for the cost of any defective hardware and any associated labor to affect the repair. Northrup Systems is not liable for any loss of data or any other issues pertaining to or peripheral to the machine’s defects or the loss of its use.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our excellent warranty coverage.

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