Google “mobile-friendly” search rankings

As you may have heard, a short while ago Google started changing how they rank search results based on how mobile-friendly your website is…which means that if you have a website that isn’t properly “responsive” to mobile devices, you may show up lower in the results list when someone searches for a business like yours – or maybe you don’t show up at all.  Other websites may get ranked ahead of yours simply because their website renders properly on a mobile device and your’s doesn’t – even if you feel like your website should have been the “better” search result for that user.

Although naturally there’s a lot of variance, chances are that at least half of all the hits a given website gets today are from mobile devices – and that proportion is surely going to get larger as time goes on.  In the graphic below, taken from one of our own websites as an example, you can easily see that by far the #1 browser accessing the site is from mobile phones – and add in the 7% from tablets as well, and this site is pretty close to 50% on mobile traffic:

hitsIf your website doesn’t render correctly on mobile devices, it’s pretty clear that you’re probably irritating potential customers who struggle to use your website on their phones or tablets.  And now, with Google’s change in their rankings that include mobile-friendliness, you may wind up not getting those potential customers to see your website at all…and before you think “well, it’s just Google – they’re not the only search engine out there” let us point out that not only does Google tend to set the tone for internet searching, with all other players following their lead, but Google also is far and away the #1 search engine as it is – frequently rendering all other search engines to “also-ran” status…like in these stats from one of our typical sites:

searchSeeing 80% or more of your search traffic coming from Google is pretty typical…it’s an absolute certainty that if you want people to be able to easily find your website when they’re searching for things that you do, you need to place well in Google search rankings.  Otherwise…you won’t be seen at all.

If your website isn’t well-designed, or otherwise doesn’t render well on mobile devices (or if you don’t have a site at all), please contact us and we’ll be happy to show you how we can create a new website for you, that optimizes how your business is presented to the world, that automatically responds to the device it’s being viewed on, and makes sure you get the search rankings you’re looking for.  And contrary to what common conceptions may be, the whole process can be quick, painless, and extremely affordable.  Let us put you in charge of your online presence and help you grow your business…contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation!

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