In addition to website design, hosting, and maintenance, Northrup Systems provides a number of other services to our customers in the general Twin Cities area of Minnesota:

IT Support

Whether for your small business, or home/home office, Northrup Systems can provide support for all your computers, servers, printers, networking, and practically anything else that has to do with computer technology.  Expert troubleshooting and problem solving skills for when things go wrong…as well as the know-how to get things set up right the first time, so that things don’t go wrong to begin with.


Retail POS Support

Virtually any storefront business relies on a POS and inventory system – Northrup Systems can not only supply and support any and all POS equipment you may need, but also ensure backups of your crucial inventory and sales data are made to guard against hardware failure, and allow for recovery if necessary.  We can also help you implement an inventory/POS system if you’re just getting started, or help you migrate from an old system to a new one.



Every website we do automatically includes email services on your own domain…for free.  Using your own domain name for your email address lends great credibility to your business…and you can access your email via the web, an email client (like Outlook), or a mobile device like your cellphone.  We also offer server-side spam filtering…for free.



Wired or wireless, one location or many…Northrup Systems can take care of any networking requirement to ensure that all your devices have reliable connections to each other, and to the internet, all while maintaining proper security measures to make sure that no one is on your network who isn’t supposed to be there.

Technicians working on electronics or motherboard

Computer Repair

Northrup Systems can repair your computer…whether we originally built it or not.  Desktops, servers, laptops…if you’ve got a computer problem, we’ll be happy to take a look and give you a free assessment and estimate for repair.  And if you did originally buy your computer from Northrup Systems, we’ll even supply you with a loaner machine to use, free of charge, while your computer is “in the shop.”


IBM Certification

Expert design and implementation of business intelligence systems – reporting, analytics, data and metadata management.


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